Do you need welded bending parts? We can offer you single modules or complete assemblies.

Complex weldment.

Complex weldment.

Working with external welders makes it possible to fulfill your flexible requirements and to create a precast on professional level. This goes for all materials: steelstainless steelaluminumcopperbrass.

Centerpiece of our welding progress is our Demmler welding- and test bench 3D. With the bench we can construct exact temporary gauges for complex pipe flows.

By using external well-trained welders, we offer the following welding processes:

  • WIG-welding: This method allows technically and visually clean welds. In addition, the post-processing time is low because no scale is produced.
  • MAG-welding: MAG-welding is proven and very versatile. It is mainly used in steel construction.
Welder at work

With welding you have a rock-solid connection.

Single parts, like for example pipes, can be welded edge to edge, overlapping, overhead or do fillet welding. Metal sheet parts or laser cuts can also be welded to the pipes or profiles, to make a screw connection possible for instance.

In the post production sublime or smooth seams are manufactured. To achieve a smooth surface of the inner of a bend stainless steel pipe forming gas is used. This is particular important when the pipes are used for transporting liquids.

Further labour out of one hand

In order to be able to manufacture complete components, we also offer further work on bent workpieces.

Depending on the feasibility and available machines, the following work is possible:

  • boring
  • turning / milling
  • threading

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