CNC-bending for your product!

We bend pipes and profiles in the range of 5 to 10 times the radius of the diameter with our CNC controlled profile bending machine, the Thoman RB4. As basis we use your drawing, a dimensioned sketch or a sample part. We support you with our experience and technical knowledge from prototype to serial production.

At the moment our bending machine can handle pipes made out of different materials, like for example steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper with a diameter from Ø15mm up to 139,7mm. On request we can offer you larger pipes, by adjusting the tool.

Through CNC-control it is possible to produce bending parts like for example:

  • Ellipses: these are special curves that form an oval together. For this we bend pipes with several radiuses. Usually we bend half ovals and weld them together to an oval.
  • Wave bending: These are done by changing the direction of the bending, without an intermediate piece.
  • Arches with straight legs: For precise straight ends the bending machine must be programmed accordingly.
  • 3D-bending parts: When bending is done in the 3rd Dimension, we are talking about helical bending.
  • Bent – straight – bent: Precise transitions between bents and straights are possible in CNC-controlled bending.
  • with changing radiuses: It is important to have soft transitions when a part has several radiuses.

Furthermore makes it the CNC-bending machine possible to produce with highest quality standard. Especially in serial production the repeatability is extreme important. During the bending the result is constantly checked and adjusted by the radius measurement system. By registration of the characteristic of the material through trial bending the machine is capable to reach your desired radius in only one bending.

CNC stands for „computerized numerical control“ (in german: „Computerunterstützte nummerische Maschinensteuerung“) This control technology makes it possible for us to make transitions between different radiuses without an unnecessary deformation of the material. A variety of bending is possible. We can also produce with programmable supporting rolls in the 3rd dimension.
Application areas of CNC-parts:

The usage of CNC- bending parts can be everywhere , where bend pipes of highest quality and precision are needed. In Engineering and machine construction for example, large pipes are used as transportation pipes.

In fence building wave bendings often decorate gates or single fence parts.

Large helical bending parts are being used in tank construction as support or frame.