Bending – it’s omnipresent

pipes for the transport of fluidsWe find it in daily life and in industrial regions as well. Bent tubes/pipes and profiles are everywhere around us and we take them for granted.

Our bent parts have found their way in the furniture industry as well as in the machine- and plant construction, serve the transport of fluids or offer a secure railing for climbing stairs.

As diverse as the field of application is the challenge. Each bending has it’s own requirements.

We have to take into account for example the resilience of the basic material. To achieve the desired angle one has to bend the workpiece a bit to much.

Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper all react different when they are bent. The diameter of the pipe/tube, the bending mold and the size, all play a role of course.

There are a lot of inevitable occurrences we can handle with expertise:

  • The so called lateral cut ovalization, the flattening of the pipe/tube to a certain degree
  • The alternation of length
  • The formation of wrinkles formed by squeezed material
  • Loss of functionality (for example window profiles)

For endurance, full functionality and impeccable aesthetics it is essential, that the product leaves our house as a certified quality product.