When it’s getting tight: Mandrel bending

The desired radius has a significant influence on the choice of the bending procedure. With extremely tight radiuses we put our Mandrel bending machine into action.

Mandrel bending, also called rotary draw bending with mandrel, offers a lot of possibilities e.g. in design or Industry. Typical are

  • tight radiuses of about 2-times the diameter (R=2xD neutral axis)
  • alternate bent straight
  • free orientation in space.

mandrel bending machine
With mandrel bending the mandrel is inserted in the pipe/tube and fixed to the former die with a clamp die. In the next step the former die rotates with the clamp die downwards and the stock bends around the former die.
When wrinkles occur the mandrel is being supported by a wiper die. This is especially essential with thin walled material.

The particularity of mandrel bending

For each combination of diameter and radius a seperate tool set is needed. Therefor we offer you bending services based on over 130 different tool kits which you can find in our toolkit table for mandrel bending.

In rotary draw bending we use numeric code controlled machines (NC) as well as conventional controlled machines. More about our mandrel bending machines you will find under machine outfit.