The third roller in focus


3 rollers

3-roller bending, also called ring bending or profile bending, is the first choice for bending large radiuses.

Roof constructions, street furniture or closed circular pipelines are just a few examples where you will find bent products. We mainly bend pipes/tubes, profiles and beams made out of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

In 3-roller bending the stock is transported between three offset arranged rollers. When the middle roller is forwarded the pipe/tube respectively profile is forced in the desired direction and the wanted radius takes shape.

Blick auf die 3 Walzen einer Maschine

The third roller forces the steel u-profile into the desired radius.

The approximate value for the smallest bending radius is about 5-10 times the diameter of the pipe/tube. When bending extreme small radiuses the pipes/tubes deform noticeably, round pipes/tubes become oval.

You can check in our tool kit table for ring bending if we have the proper tool for your desired product.

Our CNC-profile bending machine takes a special position in bending profiles. More about our ring bending machines you will find under machinery.