Bending and rolling profiles according to your specifications

According to your personal wishes we bend different types of profiles made out of different kind of materials, like steel, stainless steel and aluminum. With our CNC-profile bending machine we produce wave bents, ellipses, basket bents, helical bents, precision parts as well as several radius transitions in one profile.

3 rollers of the bending machine; profile bending parts

We can roll the following bending parts for you:

wave-bending; bent with CNC-bending machine

The so called wave bendings will be manufactured by changing the direction of the bending without a trasition piece.

The production of closed ellipses is made by bending 2 half-ellipses and welding them together. While bending ellipses you need to program your CNC-bending machine with different radiuses.

bending ellipses - profile bending machine

helical bending - profile bending machine

Helical bending – with our special measurement device, we can offer you perfect diameter and spiral step lifting – made wih our ring bending machine.

The smallest bendable radius is at 180mm. So you can nearly close the gap between mandrel bending and ring bending.

Kleine Biegeradien Profilbiegen

bow at bow

Bow – straight line – bow
Because of the experiences of our employees and the help of the CNC-program we can create perfect transitions.

bending to bending
We create smooth sequences while bending a direct sequence with different radiuses.

bending to bending ; profile bending machine

precision parts ISO 2768 profile bending machine

We want to offer you precision parts. To realize this wish we are consequently working at our quality-management.

You have the choice between different profiles we can bend and roll for you:

The application area of bent profiles is as diverse as the bending shapes. You can find our products in roof constructions, fassades, city furniture or circular pipelines.

In ringbending (also called 3-roller bending) we achieve your desired radiuses with an 3rd roller. The stock is transported between three offset arranged rollers. When the middle roller is forwarded, the pipe/tube respectively profile is forced in the right direction and the desired radius takes shape.

The approximate value for the smallest bending radius is about 5 to 10 times the diameter.

Our CNC – Profile bendingmachine

1. Feed roller

  • Adjustable to 40 tons!
  • Precise adjustment 1/100 mm for highest precision window profiles
  • modulus of resistance up to Wx=100cm3 for large profiles

2. Measurement roller

  • nonslip registration of the travelling distance
  • high reproducibility for serial parts
  • makes it possible to produce a sequence of different radiuses and degrees

3. CNC-support rollers (left and right)

  • for non-distorting bending of asymmetrical profiles
    (U- and angle profile)
  • Helical bending
  • freely programmable
    3D-bending parts
CNC-Steuerung Profilbiegemaschine

4. Radius measurement equipment (left and right)

  • Measurement during the bending process
  • Process monitoring
  • the control „learns“ materialbehaviour
  • reproduceable series
  • arc to arc
  • ellipses
  • wave bending
  • 3D-bending parts
  • achievement of highest precision

5. Adjustable roller distance

  • tight bending up to radius 180 mm at a small roller distance
  • crucial reduction of the force effect on the pipe/profile with large roller distance
  • damage free bending
  • low sinkage of the wall of the profile
  • special profiles keep their lateral cut more stable

6. Laser-light beam

  • Recognition of the starting point of the pipe
  • repeat accuracy of the start