Helical bending for different kinds of application areas.

refridgerating coil for construction

Refridgerating coil for construction

Whether it’s a hand rail for a circular staircase, refrigerating coils in construction or just as an art object – helical bend pipes are used in many areas and branches.
With the help of a CNC-controlled ring bending machine supported by an additional measure and control device it’s possible to produce an exact helical bending.

Crucial for the perfect fit are the radius and the angle of rotation in connection with the height.

Construction of a helical bending

copper helical bending for tank construction

Copper helical bending for tank construction

The radius is achieved by forwarding a third roller, checked by a radius measurement device.
Supporting rollers lift the pipe to the desired gradient.

In the past the lifting was purely a matter of experience of the operator. Nowadays an additional electronic measurement device measures during the bending process the twisting and the unrolled length of the pipe. Deviation from the set value is shown immediately so the operator promptly can make corrections.

The exact gradient of a helical bending is reached by the twisting of the pipe – this is what makes helical bending so complex. Only through a complex technical procedure it’s possible to avoid the unwanted effect that non circular profiles are twisted around their own axis.

With the help of our efficient CNC-controlled ring bending machine we can bend pipe dimensions that are much bigger than the normal hand rail size (Ø42,4mm).

Often materials like stainless steel (also ground), steel, aluminum and brass are being used.

Should you be interested in a helical bend hand rail, railing or refrigerating coil or you just have a question about helical bending, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.