Bending beams for your building project

Bending beams is only done by us in ring bending for which we have our CNC-ring bending machine as well as our largest beam bending machine, the Comac 310HV8V. We can process commercial lengths up to 15m and bend them in the desired form depending on the feasibility. As a rule radiuses from 10 to 15 times the diameter are possible. Beams can be bend the easy way and the hard way.

Beam easy way

beam easy wayWe bend beams the easy way (bending form Nr. 9) with our standard tools. Only the narrow side of the flange is being pressed by the rollers. The feasibility of the bending depends on the resisting torque. A beam of the type HEB 100 has a resisting torque of Wy=33,5cm² the easy way, for example. The same beam bend the hard way however, has a resisting torque of Wy=89,9cm² ,which is three times as much. That’s why we can bend the easy way bigger beams.

Beam hard way

Beam hard wayA special challenge is bending the hard way (bending form Nr. 10): When bend the stem usually can’t transfer the resulting force from one flange to the other, resulting in a deformation of the stem. We master this challenge by using tension rolls. One flange is being pushed and parallel the other one is being pulled which reliefs the stem so it can keep its shape.fitting to the desired beam we choose our tension rolls (straight or conical) for the optimal result.

Processing long and heavy beams

With our crane we can handle long and heavy beams in processing and shipping.

Application area:

tension rollers comac machine

Bending of a beam.

In the buidling industry beams are often used as support. In many cases they carry the roof of a building. In facade construction, steel construction or general construction and civil engineering, beams are most suitable as a substructure for easily mounting all kind of materials.

Whether a profile is called a girder, depends on its application. As soon as a beam is being used as a support, it´s called a girder. Therefore we can offer also the following profiles:


The most common material for beams is steel. For lightweight constructions usually aluminum is being used. Whether you need beams for your roof or your facade – with bent beams of the Biegeprofis you are on the right beam.

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