Bending of steel pipes, profiles and beams at the Biegeprofis

bent flanges 125x90mm

Bent flanges 125x90mm

Regardless of whether it’s a steel pipe, profile or beam, according to your wishes we can bend a great deal.

In 3-roller bending/profile bending of steel pipes and profiles we achieve a minimum radius of about 10-times the cross-section of the profile.

Should the radius be smaller, mandrel bending (also called rotary draw bending with mandrel) is recommended. The standard tools for the radius are in the range of 2-times the cross-section of the profile. A look at our tool list reveals which cross-section of the profile with which radius is bendable.

While the stress of the material is extremely high in mandrel bending, with every single inquiry we check the feasibility in advance and when necessary recommend useful changes.

Bending of different steel grades

A bent welded helical coil

A bent welded helical coil

In the area of flange manufacturing, often solid material is being used. It’s not unusual that a S235JR grade has a size of 100×100. The Comac profile bending machine with its 100 tons of pressure makes the bending possible.
Steel profiles or pipes of a S235JR grade are being used for moderate to medium stress in steel and metal construction. This grade is excellent for welding, is well malleable, well processable and inexpensive.
Even steel with a higher grade, like for example S355, can be bended. Gladly we will test the feasibility of your demands.

Galvanizing steel pipes

Galvanizing should be done after the bending while the zinc-coating will be damaged and can cause a deposit on the rollers of the bending machine. When buying steel pipes, you will have to take into account whether the alloy is suitable for galvanizing and that they are produced in batch, so they will have a uniform look.