Aluminum, the lightweight!

Exhibition stand construction

Exhibition stand construction

Especially in aviation or also for example in exhibition stand construction there is a great demand for lightweight components.

We bend more and more aluminum pipes, profiles and also special profiles for our customers. However, the special characteristics of this material should be regarded.

It’s not advisable to bend aluminum with a radius smaller than 4-times the pipe diameter.

complete airtrike

Bent aluminum pipes for the Airtrike

Bending of tight aluminum arcs

Is the bending tool too small, that is is the radius to tight, the pipe will crack in the bend. Is the material not completely hardened, you will get in the best case a kind of „orange skin“, but it has a severe weakened outside bend.

For the sharp bending of aluminum, modifications of the bending machine are necessary. This usually takes place in a fully automated production, which relativises the effort because of the large quantities.

Bending of large aluminum arcs

When the aluminum is of good quality and therefore has good bending properties, a lot is possible in ring bending.

Further processing of bent aluminum

We can offer you welding as the next step in processing.