Tee profile

Tees can be bend in three ways. We exclusively bend tees in ring bending, either with our CNC ring bending machine or our largest machine the Comac 310HV8V. Normally radiuses of about 10 to 15 times the diameter are possible.

Tee stem out (Bending shape Nr. 6)

Tee stem out Nr. 6

Tee stem out Nr. 6

This is the easiest way to bend while the stem is on the outside and the pressure of the machine is executed on a relatively large surface.

Tee stem in (Bending shape Nr. 7)

Tee stem in Nr. 7

Tee stem in Nr. 7

An unfavourable distribution of force occurs when the stem is in. The flange tends to tip over to the middle of the profile. We prevent this by using appropriate rolls. With split rolls the force is executed on the flange. To improve the result an appropriate roll can be made for the stem, so both flange and stem are being pressed.

Tee stem up (Biegeform Nr. 8)

Tee stem up Nr. 8

Tee stem up Nr. 8

A special challenge is bending a tee stem up because of the asymmetry of the profile. The bending tools enclose the stem. To improve the result an appropriate roll can be made for pressing both flange and stem.


We bend tees made out of the following materials:

Application areas

Tees are excellent for supporting constructions. That´s why you will find tees often in tank construction, where they are used as flange, supporting the shell of the tank. Tees are often used in facade construction as a substructure, with the stem out, for mounting the facade elements.

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