Rectangular profile

rectangular profile nr. 25

Rectangular profile nr. 25

We bend rectangular profiles by ring bending with our CNC bending machine, the biggest machine Comac 310HV8V, and other smaller machines. It is possible  with at least ten times the diameter of the profile. Bent rectangular profiles can be made out of different materials, for example steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Rectangular profile nr. 26

Rectangular profile nr. 26

Rectangular profiles are hollow profiles. For an optimization of your product the profile should not be highly deformed. For a better stability the thickness of the profile should grow proportional with bigger dimensions.

Bent rectangular profile the hard way (bending shape nr. 25)

Bending the hard way costs the most power because the resistance is at its maximum. The little heigth of the profile in this axis offers you a good quality – still remaining after the bending process.

Bent rectangular profile the easy way (bending shape nr. 26)

Bending the easy way needs less power because the resitant is here at its minimum. The profile should be thick enough so it does not get curves at the bending process which are not wished.