Bending flat profiles

Flat material we bend in two directions. Mainly we do this in ring bending for radiuses up to 8-10 times the flat cross section but we are also experienced in mandrel bending for smaller radiuses.

As a service oriented company we continually expend our spectrum of bending. At the moment we are developing a support device, which in future will make helical bending of flats possible. We can already offer you the helical bending of pipes.

Bend flat hard way (Bend shape Nr. 4)

Flat hard way Nr. 4

Flat hard way Nr. 4

While in bending the hard way the pressure is applied on a relatively small surface, an unfavourable distribution force takes place. This results in a squeezes inner side of the material. Thanks to our experience in bending we can already give you advice when you make an inquiry, and make a proposal for dimensions for your desired radius, to reach the optimal result.

Bend flat easy way (Bending shape Nr.5)

Flat easy way Nr. 5

Flat easy way Nr. 5

Bending the easy way of flat materials is easier. However, large dimensions tend to wobble. Regarding this we would be pleased to advise you.


We bend flats for example made out of the following materials:

Application areas

Pipe, engineering and tank construction: For example elements for foundation or flanges for pipes to support caldrons

  • Street furnitureNoble and weatherproof benches and other furniture
  • Metal construction: Rings or stiffening rings for welded constructions
  • Gardening: as bed or tree border

Contact us flat out via e-mail or inquiry form and convince yourself of our quality!

We also offer you gladly the delivery by carrier. We will wrap your material according to transport requirement and load these with our forklift or crane.

Do you wish some more information? Than don´t hesistate to write us an e-mail. We gladly advise you and make a free offer.