The bending of beams include:

  • HEB profile standard series in accordance with DIN EN 10 034
  • HEA profile light series in accordance with DIN EN 10 034
  • HEM profile strong series in accordance with DIN EN 10 034
  • I- profile slim in accordance with DIN EN 10 024
  • IPE- profile medium in accordance with DIN EN 10 034

The bending of beams is done exclusively in ring bending either with our CNC-ring bending machine or our largest bending machine, the Comac 310HV8V.We process commercial lengths up to 12 m. As a rule radiuses of about 10 to 15 times the diameter are possible. As well as in bending flat material there is an easy and a hard way in bending beams.

Beam easy way (Bending shape Nr. 9)

Beam easy way Nr. 9

Beam easy way Nr. 9

While there´s only pressure on the slim side of the beam, the bending can be done with our standard tools. HEB100 for example has a section modulus of Wy = 33,5 cm³ on this axis, while it´s almost 3 times as big (Wx = 89,9cm³) on the other side. This means we can bend larger profiles over the slim axis.

Beam hard way (Bending shape Nr. 10)

Beam hard way Nr. 10

Beam hard way Nr. 10

There´s an additional problem in bending the hard way. Usually the stem can´t transfer the forces from one flange to the other adequate. Because of this the stem deforms. We prevent this by using tension rolls. Meaning, one flange is being pressed and at the same time the other one is being pulled. By using these tension rolls the stem is being relieved and keeps its shape. We choose suitable tension rolls (straight and conical) to keep an optimal shape of the beam.

Application areas

In the buidling industry beams are often used as support. In many cases they carry the roof of a building. In facade construction, Steel construction or general construction and civil engineering, beams are most suitable as a substructure for easily mounting all kind of materials.

Whether a profile is called a girder, depends on its application. As soon as a beam is being used as a support, it´s called a girder. Therefore we can offer also the following profiles:

  • Bent tee profiles
  • Bent angle profiles
  • Bent rectangular profiles
  • Bent square profiles.


Mainly steel beams are being used. For lightweight constructions usually aluminum beams are being used.

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