Case study trike plane

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Aerial fun with air trikes

Frame for a trike plane

Frame for a trike plane

As part of the frame construction of the EAGLE air trikes, our bent parts circle high in the sky.

When you discover a colourful three wheeled ultra-light plane in the sky, you just experienced the air trike in action.

The Biegeprofis were partner in constructing the ultra-light plane and had to fulfill two demands:

For one we had to construct frame parts according to certain standards of weight. This goal could only be reached by using material with a very slim wall thickness. The risk of getting an oval shaped pipe was evident. Nevertheless we could, thanks to the knowhow of our employees, deliver a most convincing result. The production was made in ring bending.

completed air trike

Completed air trike

Secondly in mandrel bending we produced the precisely fitting exhaust pipes for the engines of the air trikes.

Air trikes can be adjusted to individual wishes and are available in numerous variations with various wings, undercarriages and modules. Who wishes to scent the air of air trikes , can do so by making a scenic flight in the surrounding of Berlin or at the Baltic sea.

More information you’ll find at .

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