Our bent parts in the simulators of the company LABROS

Many people dream of once flying a helicopter or driving a tank. The company LABROS make dreams come true!

Attention to detail and the visual representation of the interior offer the driver a one time experience. We are glad our mandrel bending parts are part of the construction of the simulators.

We bended a control stick out of a stainless steel pipe for the helicopter simulator EC135. To create a real sense of flying, our focus was on the attention to detail of the control stick!

An invitation for a „test flight“ of the completed simulator was gladly accepted by our employee mrs. Constanze Möhrke. She was allowed to fly over Germany and land at the airport of Düsseldorf. „It was a dynamic flight and felt incredible for real!“, so her enthusiastic words.

Enthusiasts of big crafts will love the tank simulator „Fennek“. In the interior the safety bars we made out of steel pipes that subsequently were given an appropriate colour.

More information about the company „LABROS“ and its simulators you will find at: www.labros.de.

bent bar

Bent bar

bent control stick

Bent control stick

helicopter simulator

Helicopter simulator