Elegance and design on water – with our bent profiles

Using our bent parts Nautilus Hausboote GmbH builds boats which provide mobility and waterbased living in timeless design.

Since a couple of years we bend aluminum square tube that is used as supporting structure on the houseboats. Profiles, rectangular pipes or tubes made out of stainless also find their place on the boats as handholds or apertures.

By using lightweight material, such as aluminum, substantial weight is saved. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is very beneficial when used in water.

We manufacture tubes according to our client demands.

From the beginning we were working on this project in function of a supplier. We supported with our knowledge in conversations and so we helped out to realize the best possible implementation of the project.

Through our experiences and in association with our CNC controlled machine we are able to produce our bend parts identically shaped, which is needed for repeated production of equal houseboats.

You will receive further information in the new brochure of our client Nautilus Hausboote GmbH.


Are you working at shipbuilding and are you interested in our bending services for boats?

Please contact us by mail (anfrage@biegeprofis.de) or inquiry form, so you can check out our qualities by yourselves.

If you still need more information, please do not hesitate to write a mail. We will gladly give advices or create a cost-free offer for you.