Railing for historical Kamelbrücken in Zehdenick

2010 the heritage-protected bridges over the river Havel in Zehdenick were renovated from scratch. The bending work was done by the Biegeprofis RHB Ltd.

Railing after the restoration

Railing after ther restoration

The ellipse shaped form of both of the bridges in Zehdenick originates from the time when the Havel was made navigable. Because of their distinctive shape in the vernacular they were called „Kamelbrücken”. Since 2005 the Bodenstromtalbridge and the Klienitzbridge are industrial heritages in county Brandenburg. Because of that, they were furnished with historical hand railings.

The additional new railing is shaped like its historical example but fulfills the demand for a secure railing by its extension and hight. It reflects in its modest form the attractive bending of the old railing.

An eye-catching landmark

Railing before the handing over

Railing before the handing over

2011 the landmark was released for traffic again. Since then, pedestrians can have a hold on to the elliptic sway and experience the quality of the railing. The interaction of old and new makes it a real eye-catcher and is a visual connection of the past and present.


We can offer you the bending of bridge railings, made out of the following materials:

  • bridge railings made out of steel
  • bridge railings made out of aluminium
  • bridge railings made out of stainless steel
  • bridge railings made out of metal