Case study playground

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Individual playground utensils with the right arches.

Childrens hearts beat faster when they see a playground constructed by Spiel-Bau GmbH. The playgrounds are inviting and radiate a joy of playing.

Already early it was recognised: Posts out of stainless steel have a clear advantage to wooden beams. Stability and endurance are clear arguments for using steel pipes in playground construction.

In planning, our production possibilities were already taken into account. Playgrounds were tuned to the concrete environment and styled with a lot of care for the smallest detail.

The bent flower stalks, beautified and arranged artfully by Spiel-Bau, originate from the Biegeprofis.

The completed playgrounds show to advantage, in front of the magnificent backdrop of the swiss mountains. Children and sometimes also adults take delight in them.

bent pipes on a playground in Switzerland

bent pipes on a playground in Switzerland

bent posts on a playground

bent posts on a playground

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