ArboSkin: Our bent parts with durable and recyclable bioplastics joined in a facade

Bent parts for facade mock-up

Bent parts for facade mock-up

There are no limits to the versatility of our bent parts.

In context of a research project a base frame for the facade mock-up ArboSkin was developed, consisting out of diverse bent steel pipes produced in rotary draw bending.

The facade mock-up Arbo Skin was designed and realised by the institution for supporting structure and constructive design (ITKE) of the university Stuttgart. The exceptionality: In this project successfully an environment sparing, because of its vegetable basis, bioplastic was developed together with associates from the economy. Moreover the bioplastic is most shapeable.

This is how the facade mock-Up arose. It convinces not only by its good look but also by the use of ecological sustainable facade panels.

An innovation – we supported with pleasure.

Details of the project you’ll find at homepage of ITKE.

A fast forward impression of the construction you’ll find in this video. (external link)