Swinging seat on 4 rollers

First class designer furniture!

View of the back and the side

View of the back and the side

The Gira Chair of the designing duo Läufer and Keichel, has its mellow name not by chance. The seat shell had to be placed swinging, with a mountain bike spring to moderate the lever. The swinging part in turn should rest on four legs with rollers.

The evolution of a prototype

So far the idea for the project of the designers, who came to our bending company in summer 2004. Many hours of collective meticulously work followed. Together with the designers we bended, drilled, rasped and welded until the result was satisfying for all. A prototype was born. Nevertheless it was still a long way until the serial production.

Gira chair from above

Gira Chair from above

The prototype

The Gira Chair was not the only mutual project with the designer team. Already in 2003 the chaise longue “Nouvellevague” was developed. The free swinging “Larobe” followed in the year 2004, with a distinctive construction out of steel pipes and knitted fabric. In 2008 lastly another chair: the cup chair “Global” followed, with an unusual combination of stainless steel and plywood.

You can find the products at www.laeuferkeichel.de.