The first products of the brand „Biegewelten“ emerged from our creativity, experience and excellent skills.

Design and noble materials are united in one of a kind products – HANDMADE IN BERLIN!

Our newest bent products:

Christmas tree


Christmas tree – Atmospheric handicraft from Berlin

This christmas tree made of stainless steel is a real eye-catcher in your christmas decoration: The timeless and outstanding elegance and the slick design fits to almost every christmas decoration. With a height of 22 cm the christmas tree convinces through its design and the artful aluminum star floating in the middle. Being 18 cm broad, the christmas tree fits also in the window as decoration. It can also be used as a decoration outside, because of the long lasting and top-quality materials (stainless steel and aluminum), it is non-rusting. Celebrate christmas with us. The christmas tree is the perfect christmas gift for family, friends and clients. An elegant and simple decoration which will last for years!

Gross price: 24,80 € a piece

Berlin display

Berlin display

“Berlin” display – the Highlight for all Berlin fans!

Your handmade model can be positioned anywhere or mounted to the wall.

The connected refined bent letters are 26 cm broad and have a height of 10 cm. The modified „I“ symbolises the Fernsehturm, with a to scale rotating viewing platform, as part of the skyline of Berlin.

Perfect as a souvenir from the capital city or as an art object from your hometown, it will be a real eye-catcher, whether it ‘s placed on a shelf or mounted to the wall.

Gross price: 45 € a piece

Berlin coat hanger

Berlin coat hanger

“Berlin” coat hanger – Artful design and useful!

Your new art object is guaranteed an eye-catcher for your bathroom or corridor: a stainless steel Berlin-writing, welded and glass bead blasted will become your favourite coat hanger! Noble design that’s also useful.

With a length of approximately 60 cm it has six hooks. The natural cork sphere symbolises the television tower, one of Berlin’s landmarks. Like all our products, it can also be used outside. You will enjoy your “Berlin” coat hanger for a long time because of the choice of material and the top quality production.

Gross price: 89 € a piece

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