The RHB-founder in his Berlin atelier

The RHB-founder in his Berlin atelier

Bending technology from Berlin

As a family run business the Berlin Biegeprofis RHB GmbH dedicated itself in bending pipes and profiles, and that since 2004. The company originates from way back in the 80s.

The constant precise bending of the Biegeprofis RHB is the result of many years of experience and a up to date bending technique. CNC control and modern measurement technique are in constant focus.

The Berlin storage of the initial company Apparate- und Rohrleitungsbau 1984

The Berliner storage of the initial company Apparate- und Rohrleitungsbau 1984

The art of bending” is the motto of the company. It describes our demand to deliver high end products. The continuous growing amount of customers appreciate besides of the quality of our products also the personal care and support during the whole process.

Development in detail

  • 2004 the brothers Hilsky buy the company from the RHB founders and develop the RHB pipe and profile bending business to a bigger company. The enterprise is based in Falkensee, Brandenburg.
  • 2009 complete takeover by Jörg Hilsky
  • 2010 moving Berlin-Spandau, Staakener Str. 53-63
  • 2012 renaming to Biegeprofis RHB GmbH

A short retrospective look at the origins

  • 1984 founding of the sole proprietorship Artur Willi Wernecke Apparate- und Rohrleitungsbau
  • 1985 outsourcing the bending department and founding of the RHB Rohr- und Hohlprofilbiegerei
  • 1985 – 1995 Rohrbiegerei based in the Berliner Rauchstr.
  • 1996 registering the new enterprise base in Falkensee
  • 2004 RHB is being taken over by the brothers Hilsky