Environment at the Biegeprofis

Environment at the Biegeprofis

Our environment is important to us!

That’s why we shape our company as environmentally friendly as possible. In the production hall we use, with the help of a software, the energy used by the bending machines as efficient as possible. In the office we pay attention to environmentally friendly devices and their use.

A step in the right direction is our Xerox ColorQube 9201.

This multifunction printer has a good colour printing quality, has low cost of colour printing and last but not least is environmentally friendly!

The ColorQube 9201 uses the so called „solid ink technology“ with „solid ink sticks“ without any cartridges. The packaging of the sticks is made out of consumer waste and is recyclable. The printer has in contrary to a laser printer, only one exchange module, which can be recycled by „Green World Alliance“.

Energy savings plays also a key role. It has Energy Star requirement and uses the „Intelligent-Ready-Technology“, in which it switches to a lower power level during a rest.

Other advantages of the Xerox ColorQube 9201 to comparable laser printers:

Small print runs of documents or promotional items are possible. No storage is needed, printing can be done on demand. No fine dust particles are produced during printing, so there is no danger for the health of our employees, even when the system is directly in our office.

An additional advantage is the efficient and clean handling of the refilling of the printer, thanks to non-toxic solid inks. While it is a waxy substance the printing result doesn’t have a smell.

We print environmentally friendly:

  • We use FSC-certified paper, optical brighteners free, 100% bleached without chlorine from sustainable sources.
  • As standard we print and copy double-sided, saving paper.
  • If we can, we use the scan function, using no paper at all.

Environmental relief not only plays a role in the office but in the whole company!

At the end of a working day we turn off the power completely, except for the emergency switch. We use energy-saving lamps and the light is switched off when leaving the room. Also Power cords and wall sockets that are not in use in the moment are simply turned off.

Dishwashing instead of throwing away is our motto: We have dishes and cutlery at our disposal instead of paper plates.

We also keep a keen eye on our water consumption: No dripping taps and dual-flush toilets.

We also try to group orders and deliveries to reduce the CO2 emissions.

And last but not least we switched to oil-free lubricants in mandrel bending. These evaporate fast and thus in welding won’t cause harmful vapors.

How do we shape our company even more environmental friendly? The answer: ReMo Green!

ReMo Green is a promoted project for small and medium sized companies to use the used energy more efficient.

At the first stage there were meetings with experts discussing several fields: Illumination (LEDs as improvement, hydraulics, pneumatics (avoid leaks), process heat, electric motors/drive (use of more modern machines with better engines), refrigeration, heating technic and hot water. The experts introduced the nowadays technical possibilities and potential energy savings.

The next step: measurement. Bending machines (mandrel bending machines and ring bending machines) as well as the office and illumination were measured in the participating companies.

Parallel to this the IMBC GmbH (Institut für Informationsmanagement) as promoter of the projekct „ReMo Green“ (Referenzmodell Green), developed a suiting software: a branch specific energy efficiency tool which records consumption data and master data of the bending machines, like performance and age. The software provides us with checklists and advises us about possible measures with a small or no investment. A further excellent feature is the comparison by benchmark. Anonymous company and production related data of other companies we have as a reference to our disposal. So we can see and if necessary change our position in the metal working industry. Moreover one can orientate itself on the „best in class“ and apply better solutions.

The energy efficiency offers besides the lower environmental impact further advantages, like cost reduction, operational knowhow and increased competitiveness.

At the Biegeprofis in Berlin we have a heart for the environment and try to behave so in act and deed.